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Women’s Executive Coach for high-performing leaders

Pooja Dang is the best coach for every women who works in an executive role.
Pooja Dang is the best coach for every women who works in an executive role.

What would happen
if you started owning every room you’re in?

If you carried an unmistakable presence
that elicits the kind of
authority, money, influence and opportunity
you know you’re worth?

Pooja Dang is the best coach for every women who works in an executive role.
Pooja Dang is the best coach for every women who works in an executive role.

let’s make




Pooja Dang is the best coach for every women who works in an executive role.
Pooja Dang is the best coach for every women who works in an executive role.

With a powerful punch of problem-solving, action-driven, no-BS coaching, I break you through your blocks and transform you into a total boss.











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& philosophy

A big vision takes big steps.

That’s how you achieve the dream, right?

If it was, you wouldn’t be stuck in a frustrating cycle of perpetual preparation and sky high stakes you don’t know how to get out of.

Break the cycle.
The solution is smaller than you think.



the process

With five clear coaching steps, we’ll pave the way forward to take bold action and break free of the status quo.

It’s time to quit burning out and start building up from the inside out!


Still feel like you’re sitting in the backseat instead of taking control in the driver’s seat? Taking on more or going it alone isn’t going to get you where you want to go, which is why you’re here.

Every trailblazer needs a trusted champion in their corner.


I’m a women’s executive coach on a mission to unlock the hidden potential within women and help them rise into positions of power—EXACTLY where they belong. And this isn’t just talk; I am the coaching powerhouse behind the rise of more than 500 female leaders into more money, more recognition, and more impact. 

As a women’s executive coach, I serve as a strategic adviser, thought partner, and coach to my clients, transforming them into confident, strategic, and influential leaders who build and lead thriving teams. Known for my direct style and no-BS approach, my core strength lies in my ability to energize and mobilize people quickly by uncovering their unique strengths and roadblocks and crafting a plan that leverages them.

I’ve been on the executive track at a top company, so this is a corporate ecosystem I know like the back of my hand. As a women’s executive coach, I have successfully partnered with individual leaders and client companies, including Google, Apple, YouTube, IDEO, GoPro, and Pixar, across a diverse set of industries—providing clarity, plans, metrics, and accountability.

As an Indian woman, born and raised in East Africa, I bring a global perspective to my clients. I know exactly how it feels to prove myself as one of the only women in executive rooms, to boldly raise my voice in underrepresented spaces and to strategically navigate the territory of being an outsider, climbing that wall.

My commitment to utilizing proven scientific strategies and transformative behavior tools, coupled with my no-nonsense approach, makes me the go-to women’s executive coach for those seeking to reach the next level. 

All coaching programs are based on my proprietary leadership model, The Powerhouse Blueprint, and begin with a leadership assessment to pinpoint the most impactful focus area.

Developed using my extensive experience working as a women’s executive coach over the past 15 years, it’s rooted in what I see working on the ground at companies of all sizes day in and day out.

Unlike most leadership programs geared towards men, The Powerhouse Blueprint targets the specific areas that challenge most women in leadership: 

The potent combination of self-confidence, clear communication, and the ability to connect with others on a meaningful level—it’s about commanding respect and inspiring action without having to demand it.

The craft of plotting a clear path forward, using your resources wisely and making smart choices to navigate challenges and reach your goals successfully.

The ability to shape perceptions, inspire actions, and foster strong relationships that empower people to willingly move in the direction you lead. Using this analytical framework, we’ll identify your current level of leadership performance and target exactly what you need to get to the next level. The first step is a free consultation.

The Powerhouse Blueprint isn’t for everyone.

I didn’t design it for the masses, for just anyone who walks by or for all women who want to level up.

I’ve collected over 15 years of leadership research, proven tool development and in-depth experience as an executive coach for women and created a sharp and narrow path forward that is specific and targeted to get meaningful results in weeks versus months.

The Powerhouse Blueprint is a leadership system built for a certain kind of female leader.

The kind of woman who’s smart, driven and ambitious, 
but prone to self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

The woman who’s respected, admired and liked, 
but feels like she blends in and gets passed over by key decision-makers.

The woman who knows she’s capable of being more, doing more and saying more,
but she’s burning out and fizzling fast.

The woman who’s an incredible manager
but she’s meant to be a LEADER.

If you’re struggling to break it through the Director level and you’re ready for the guidance, strategic advice and type of partnership that’s going to LEVEL you UP, then there’s no doubt that The Powerhouse Blueprint will work for you.

It was developed for women exactly like you.

To get further faster, an overnight switch or a shortcut to success will never get you sustainably promoted. 

My proven methodology, tools and system will.

The best way to decide if The Powerhouse Blueprint will work for you is to connect with me. We’ll see if The Powerhouse Blueprint is the right solution for where you’re at. Start by booking a free 30-minute call.

I’ve guided women to success in the areas of:

  • Building Executive Presence and Increasing Confidence
  • Career Pathing and Transitions
  • Overcoming Personal and Perceived Biases
  • Increasing Organizational Visibility, Professional Networking and Recruiting Mentors
  • Building a Personal Brand
  • Finding Personal Power and Influence
  • Negotiating Increases in Salary and Title
  • Overcoming Frustration & Finding Authenticity and Success
  • Creating Productive, Positive and Healthy Habits

My clients include executive leaders and career climbers who have overcome these challenges and countless others from DropBox, Facebook, IDEO, Google, Pixar, Kaiser Permanente, Trinity Ventures, and more.

Here are some client success stories from the past 12 months:

  • Sara negotiated a $50K increase after she was told she wasn’t eligible for a promotion or raise for another year.
  • Tammy won a new role and a $35K bump by crafting a powerful pitch highlighting her experience and strengths.
  • Lena became the new VP role after confidently refining her brand.
  • Lily upleveled her communication style and influence skills to close bigger deals.
  • Anna turned her relationship with her manager from conflict to catharsis, winning her a promotion.
  • Jessica made a 180-degree strategy pivot in how she approaches and aligns with her new GM.
  • Carolyn became a partner in her firm by transforming insecurity into executive presence.
  • Tara closed a $35 million deal after mastering her negotiation and relationship skills.

And many more…

In as little as 3 months, we will create a custom blueprint so you can think, act and embody the essence of a leader who not only walks into the room but RUNS it.

Let’s make your reality better than your dreams. Sign up for a free 30-minute call today.

My coaching engagements span from 3 to 9 months.  You will gain traction, build confidence and momentum in weeks and expect to turn that into real transformative growth after 6 months. If you’re in need of strategic guidance for negotiating and accessing a job offer or other immediate short-term challenge,  I offer laser coaching sessions.

High-impact executive coaching packages start at $6K  Depending upon your situation and challenge, we may vary the length of time, involve additional stakeholders to gather intelligence, conduct 360 assessments for a full picture of your impact in your organization, and use more tactics that get us to where we need to be: with you at the top of your game.

Yes, I offer a free 30-minute, no-obligation coaching consultation. Let’s discuss your specific questions and concerns to ensure we’re the perfect fit before committing! Ready to get started? Book your consultation now!

Pooja Dang is the best coach for every women who works in an executive role.

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