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100 days of AWESOMENESS

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As a life coach, I have always been very goal oriented and like most people, tend to start thinking about new goals to achieve when New Year’s comes around. As I was thinking about this the other day, it hit me. Why wait for the New Year? September is almost over and the fall season is already here. Why should I wait 3 months to make goals? Why not end 2012 with having done something I want?

Looking at the calendar, I realized that September 23rd marks the 100 day point – 100 days to the end of 2012. I decided to do a ‘100 days of awesomeness’ challenge with my clients to end 2012 with a bang!

Now, I didn’t just want this to be like any other challenge where you set goals that you want to achieve at the end of a certain time period. In those cases, there is a high possibility that you will only be looking forward to the last day and pretty much end up being miserable while you get there. I know. I’ve done a LOT of those. I once gave up all dairy, processed foods, even fruit (basically limiting myself to lean meat and vegetables for a period of 40 days). I was bitter and angry during that time and couldn’t stop counting the days to get to day 41 when I could go have a giant slice of CAKE! Actually, make that have the WHOLE CAKE!

The point of this challenge is not only to achieve some goals by the end of the 100 days but also to make a commitment to have some fun doing it! For example, if losing weight is one of your goals, it is just as important to come up with fun ways to get in exercise (dance classes, walks with friends etc.), as it is to achieve the ideal weight at the end of 100 days.

What are the rules?

Chose 1-3 things that you would like to achieve in the next 100 days and identify the following for each of them:

• WHY do you want to achieve this goal?
• What steps are you going to take to achieve this goal?
• What are you going to have to give up to do this?
• What new way of being are you going to embody?

Let me give you an example. One of my goals is to establish a consistent meditation practice for myself where it becomes one of my daily habits that I automatically do without having to think about it.

WHY? – I want to meditate daily because of the numerous benefits of meditation that I’ve read about. When I wake up, I sometimes get frazzled with all the things I need to get done and I find that my mornings are always hurried and a little stressful. Having a meditation practice (even if it’s just for 10 minutes) first thing in the morning calms me down and gets my day started right!

Steps to achieve this? I am going to wake up ½ hour earlier each day and sit in quiet corner of my home office – facing the window and I’m going to meditate for 10 minutes. I will also read books and articles during the 100 days on the benefits of meditation to keep me motivated to achieve this practice.

What will I give up? Time, possibly extra sleep (but if I start going to bed a little earlier, then that shouldn’t be a problem).

My new way of being? Calm and Patient. Even on the busiest days, I will need to resist the temptation to get started with work first thing.

Notice, how with this goal, it isn’t just about setting up a meditation habit at the end of 100 days. I want the next 100 mornings to start off right and not in frenzy and by meditating; I will be more likely to achieve that. 100 awesome mornings!

Now is this going to be EASY? No! Even if you focus on making each day better and not just on the end result, depending on the goal, it’s still going to be challenging. There are going to be days you can get this done easily and others where even if you have all the time, you’re not going to want to do it!

Here’s a way to make it easier on you.


Do the challenge with a group of your closest friends and allies. Do it with your partner or spouse. Do it with your coach. Set up a support network so you can have daily/weekly check-ins and be there for each other through the tough days and the good days! Not only is it beneficial to tell other people about your goals and the challenge but by actually collaborating and having everyone do it, you will be much more likely to succeed and have fun while you’re at it!

How wonderful would it be to start off 2013 having already achieved some phenomenal goals with your close friends and loved ones?

Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready for 100 days of AWESOME?

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