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5 Ways to Create Team Spirit

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Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Neither was it built by one person.

We forget this in our overly-individualistic and hyper-competitive culture, and it’s hurting our work cultures – both in-person and remote – and has been for years.

We weren’t meant to do things alone, but as the greatest management principle in the world goes, “You get what you reward” and our culture rewards singularity.

What we need is team spirit.

We need more collaboration on teams with diverse skill sets, different opinions, and multi-faceted experiences to bring forth the kinds of products, services, and inventions the world actually needs.

We need workplaces where people come together, not try to leave everyone else behind.

So how do you foster that?

So how do you reverse the individualistic gravity and balance it out?


A culture is rooted in the collective identity and values, so be mindful and aware of what those are. Does everyone in your team ascribe to them? Believe in them? Work for them?


Everyone wants to use the fullness of who they are in their work, so instead of assuming roles based on past projects or keeping everyone in the same lane, scan for potential and maximize what everyone has to offer.


Every single person plays a vital role, but unless they have clear responsibilities and directives, they might not know where they fit. Be crystal clear on who is doing what. It gives them the opportunity to fulfill their piece of the puzzle.


When individuals contribute their specialty, skill, and experience to the team, notice it publicly and applaud them personally, but don’t forget to put it in the context of the team. How did it help the project, team or mission for them to play their part? Framing it that way reinforces a team mentality.


Everyone from Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs worked on a team. They knew that “A rising tide raises all boats” even though they’re culturally paraded as tales of personal glory. All great leaders know the only way to reinforce the culture they want is to be an example of it. 

Work has been, currently is, and always will be a team sport regardless of the times.

It’s what makes success so sweet, at the end of the day, 

so make sure you’re not leaving it or anyone on your team behind.

Pooja Dang is a Women’s Executive Leadership Coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area, serving clients globally at companies such as Google, GoPro, Dropbox, and more. With over 15 years of experience in coaching, advising, and propelling women towards rapid career advancement and promotion, she specializes in high-impact workshops and dynamic 1:1 coaching, delivering breakthrough outcomes and accelerated change. Pooja has a proven track record of coaching women into the C-suite and is a trusted expert in growing executive presence, expanding influence, high-stakes negotiations, and leadership development. Using proven scientific strategies, transformative behavior tools, and a no-BS approach, Pooja is on a mission to empower more women to live confidently at the top of their game. Book your free consultation today. #ExecutiveCoach #LeadershipDevelopment #WomenInLeadership #BehaviorChange #CsuiteCoaching


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