Pooja Dang is an Executive and Career Coach specializing in helping her clients to design and build a career they love with the help of customized coaching sessions and straight up, no nonsense advice. Are YOU ready to reinvent yourself? Let’s get started!


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I am Pooja Dang
and I am going to
change your life. up your game. give you clarity.

I’m on a mission.

To help you create a life that you LOVE. With meaning and purpose. A life that’s engaging and fun. One that’s in sync with what’s important to YOU in life.

A life I define as AWESOME.

Let’s get clear though. No one is going to give that to you. You have to CREATE it.

Not too long ago, I was in your exact shoes. On paper, my life checked off all the boxes typically tied to success – a fast track career, a marriage… even a home…but something was missing.

I didn’t LOVE my life.

Like most people, I didn’t know what to do about it. I didn’t have a plan and besides, everyone else around me seemed to have prescribed to the same definition of success! I figured I was just nuts, needed to snap out of it, suck it up and get on with my life.

But then…as you’ve probably already guessed…life smacked me in the face.

My husband walked away from our 12 year relationship without looking back. What followed was the most painful and yet transformative year of my life. I wanted to end it all. Me. Him. Mostly me though. But then I got PERSPECTIVE.

This was my chance to reset and start over. Stop dwelling about what was… and start creating what could be.

The funny thing is… when the worst thing that can happen to you actually happens and you SURVIVE, shit just doesn’t scare you anymore.

So the corporate job that didn’t fulfill me, provide meaning or make me feel ALIVE?


Living in a place with crappy memories and bone chilling winters?


I sold my house, packed up and moved across the country (hello California!)

My wishlist got an upgrade…

It used to be…

  • A high 6 figure salary
  • Title…actuary, director…VP
  • Big house
  • Fancy car

But now….I want

  • Meaning and purpose in my life.
  • Work that uses my unique strengths (my special powers!)
  • Fun! Excitement! ALIVENESS.

When you have these top 4 things…it’s EASY to get the rest

Got an upgrade on the title though…

I’m now CEO.

That’s right. C.. E….F**ing O! of my LIFE.

What’s your wake up call?

An illness? A divorce? Or can you learn from my mistakes? Are you pissed off enough now to take control and do something about it?

It may not even be about your job.
Or your relationship.
Or your health.
OR It could be about all of them.

But what it’s definitely about?

Feeling CONTENT. Satisfied. FULFILLED.

You deserve a life you LOVE.
A life that makes sense and checks off things on YOUR list.
Not 10 years ago
and definitely not SOMEONE else’s list.

I played by their rules. Theirs didn’t work for me. So I CREATED my own. Isn’t it time you do the same?


Why are we here? What is our purpose? What do you believe? I believe in a life of your choosing. Engaging. Meaningful. Fun. Dare I say balanced? I believe in taking ownership of this most important project of all…your LIFE.

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Bay Area California, United States

+1 415 496 5695

This is the year

It’s up to you. Wanna make this the BEST YEAR of your life? You still can.