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Are you Fragile?

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ANTIFRAGILE – Beyond robustness.  Not merely widstanding a shock but improving because of it.

Things not going as planned?  Are you frustrated? Pissed off even? 

I know exactly how you feel.  I understand you. You like to have things under your control.  You plan, organize and execute to perfection. That is, except when things come in your way.  But here’s the problem. You can’t control everything.

The only thing under your control? 

How you deal with what life throws at you.

Give it up.  

This need to control everything.  This belief that you can.  

I’m not being a pessimist.  I’m being a realist. When shit hits the fan – as it often does, the successful leader takes a minute to let it sink in, feel shitty and then gets moving with coming up with a solution.

In this journey of our life, it’s not the strongest or the fastest who survive. 

It’s the most adaptable and the agile.

Take our current environment for instance.  Whether you believe it’s time to buckle down and make significant changes to your daily activities or you believe that people are overreacting – there is clearly some turmoil impacting us all.

Whatever side of the fence you’re on, identify what’s in your control and stop ruminating about what’s not.  

You, the LEADER, needs to identify – what’s the opportunity here?  How can I step up? 

No, things won’t go as planned.  Because there are too many factors to consider.  Plan and control what you can. And learn to adapt to what you can’t. 

And once you learn how to do that?

You’ll WIN.


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