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Whether you are applying to get into school, your first job or an executive position - this question is a favorite of all interviewers.  Want to know the key to answering it? Presenting something that's a true weakness but in a tactful way so you don't come off looking like a bad candidate.  And no, the "I'm a perfectionist" response will not do.  Seriously. Here is how to prepare your answer to this question: Make a list of all your weaknesses...

You have 30 seconds. Go. Let's face it.  We're crunched for time.  There are too many things screaming for our attention and it's hard to clear the way to take in the information that we actually need and want.  Have you ever had this happen to you? You get into the elevator and then just before the door closes, the CEO/VP (person who makes you nervous and has the potential to catapult your career) walks in.  Or, you're at a party and you...