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Becoming AntiFRAGILE

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Crises bring chaos. But they also bring opportunity. Effective leaders find a way to steer their teams through turmoil, seize the moment, and emerge on the other side stronger and better than ever. 

That’s what I want you to focus on next. You’ve got a plan in place. You’re finding a new normal. You’re evolving. You’re leading. Now it’s time to think about the future. 

Notice the Wins

As a problem-solver, it’s easy to focus on what’s been going wrong. Things are going to be crazy for a while. But, resilient leaders don’t just fix problems. They also also celebrate the wins. They cultivate an ability to see what’s going right. 

So, I want you to ask yourself: 

  • What’s been working?
  • What am I proud of myself for accomplishing amidst all this chaos? 
  • What new and unexpected opportunities have emerged?
  • How have my staff and I grown closer as a result of these tumultuous times?

Maybe you’ve saved time without a commute, worked more efficiently in the absence of idle chit-chat, enhanced your team’s operational efficiency, or gotten better at saying “no” to unimportant tasks. Even better, maybe you’ve grown closer to the people on your team – you’ve seen their artwork or their bookshelves or their kitchens, you’ve heard their kids playing in the background, or met their pet cat as he walked across the keyboard. That crossover brings a new closeness that just isn’t possible in a traditional workplace. 

One thing I know for sure: you’ve grown as a leader these past few weeks. You’ve been tested. You’re still standing. Celebrate that. 

Embrace Evolution

Now that you’ve identified your early wins, it’s time to look ahead to the future. How do you want to evolve as a leader? As a team? As an organization? 

Ask yourself: What does the next level look like? What’s your vision for each team (sales, operations, marketing, etc.)? What about each of your employees? How do you want each of them to grow during this time?

You’ve been presented with a tremendous opportunity for growth, here. So think big. It’s okay to dream in the midst of a crisis.

Homework: How Will You Take Things to the Next Level?

As things begin to calm down and routines begin to stabilize, it’s time to start clarifying your future goals. What do you want to improve on? How can you get there? 

Equally important: make a list of the tools at your disposal. Will you or your direct reports take an online class? Will you experiment with different team configurations or work structures? Will you invest in coaching?I firmly believe that we’ll come out of this with new practices, structures, and learnings that we would never have developed if it weren’t for this crisis. Things grow from pain points. Comfort has never bred innovation.

As the innovative leader that you are, now’s the time to carry on, to grow, to adapt and evolve. You, your team, and your organization will be all the better for it.

Let’s do this. 

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Pooja Dang is a Women’s Executive Leadership Coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area, serving clients globally at companies such as Google, GoPro, Dropbox, and more. With over 15 years of experience in coaching, advising, and propelling women towards rapid career advancement and promotion, she specializes in high-impact workshops and dynamic 1:1 coaching, delivering breakthrough outcomes and accelerated change. Pooja has a proven track record of coaching women into the C-suite and is a trusted expert in growing executive presence, expanding influence, high-stakes negotiations, and leadership development. Using proven scientific strategies, transformative behavior tools, and a no-BS approach, Pooja is on a mission to empower more women to live confidently at the top of their game. Book your free consultation today. #ExecutiveCoach #LeadershipDevelopment #WomenInLeadership #BehaviorChange #CsuiteCoaching


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