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Can you excuse become your muse?

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As a life coach in the bay area, I’m super lucky to work with people from a lot of different backgrounds including musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and other creatives.

I love being surrounded by such a diverse group of people – they elevate my life by reminding me that there is so much to learn. I never cease to be amazed by where I can find inspiration.

Case in point, this latest site that a client of mine told me about:

This site was created by an artist, who, after having a baby was unable to find an artist residency that supported her new role as a mother. In her words…”Despite a legacy of public artist/parents, it still seems to be a commonly held belief that being an engaged mother and serious artist are mutually exclusive endeavors”.

So what did she do? She came up with her own solution that embraced both worlds! And that is how artist residency in motherhood was born (pun intended).

As impressive as this story is…it’s not the reason it caught my eye. Sure…she identified a need of hers that wasn’t being met and created a solution for it. Her ‘accept no excuses’ message is loud and clear. But what’s more impressive is that she took it a step further. It’s not just about ‘accept no excuses’.

She makes you feel like she’s going to be producing better art because she’s a parent – not in spite of it. Take a look at her manifesto printed on her business card.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 3.28.24 PM

That’s right. It wasn’t about her being able to work in spite of her new role as a mom. She was going to have her motherhood SHAPE her work.

Therein lies the magic.

Life has a way of being continuously interesting by throwing challenges our way. Whether they are of our choosing (such as a new relationship, a new job or having kids) or not of our choosing (such as the loss of a loved one, an illness or breakup), moving forward in the new situation can be tough to adjust to.

A select group of people do more than just adjust. They take their hardship…or new reality (as in this case) and turn it into the inspiration and motivation to create something new and amazing as this woman just did.

It’s not, “I’m going to find a way to be an artist even though I am a mom.” It’s “I am an artist that’s creating amazing work because I am a mom.

How freaking cool.

Awesome. Just Awesome.

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