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Get out of the weeds

Do you want to know why staying in the weeds, the to-list, and the email inbox is so easy? We say we hate it.  We wish we didn’t have to do it.  We would outsource it if we could. But we don’t because it helps us avoid the deeper work and the bigger picture we […]

5 Ways to Create Team Spirit

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was it built by one person. We forget this in our overly-individualistic and hyper-competitive culture, and it’s hurting our work cultures – both in-person and remote – and has been for years. We weren’t meant to do things alone, but as the greatest management principle in the world […]

My Top Tips for Taking Feedback

Not the greatest at taking feedback? Join the club. The majority of us wouldn’t consider ourselves well-versed or even good at taking feedback. Feedback usually elicits a shiver, a cringe, or an outright ick. Yet feedback is not only a part of life but a powerful part of your growth.  Believing we’re just not good […]

The Future is Now

Everybody loves to live in the future.  It’s where we imagine our ideal selves doing, being, and enjoying all the things our current selves are working towards. It’s where we get to put all of our hopes and dreams and expensive wish-list stuff that helps distract us from the often arduous and tough daily life […]

What To Do When Crazy Happens

Shit is officially crazy. Maybe that’s an understatement or something that could be said at any point in history, but there’s something about the way Twitter is lurching and jerking in Silicon Valley right now that makes this whole corporate ride more turbulent by the day. Every morning, something is crashing and burning in the […]

Find the Friction

Do you ever notice that adding more pressure when you’re meeting a lot of resistance in a project or person doesn’t always work? Sure, tenacity and endurance have their place, but more force can also exacerbate the problem and make you break something (your motivation, reputation or relationships). Instead of pushing harder when something’s not […]