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Is it Time to REST?

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

Have you ever heard of a rest ethic? Jen Fisher, Deloitte’s Chief Well-being officer, explains that we all pride ourselves on having a great work ethic, but we’re missing a “rest ethic.”  “Having a strong work ethic — without a correspondingly strong rest ethic that we take every bit as seriously — is what’s burning […]

Covid’s Impact on Women’s Careers.

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

Last week I got off the phone with a client who let me know that she had been laid off due to a slowdown at her company as a result of the pandemic. Surprising? Not really.  Still, it was disappointing. Then she told me that a total of four people were let go in her […]

Are you Fragile?

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

ANTIFRAGILE – Beyond robustness.  Not merely widstanding a shock but improving because of it. Things not going as planned?  Are you frustrated? Pissed off even?  I know exactly how you feel.  I understand you. You like to have things under your control.  You plan, organize and execute to perfection. That is, except when things come […]