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Does the Glass Ceiling Exist?

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I recently read a book that really pissed me off. Edited by Naina Lal Kidwai, “30 Women In Power: Their Voices, Their Stories” is a compilation of Indian essayists advice on many issues working women face. What surprised me is how in many of the stories the women claim to not have experienced a glass […]

Your roadmap to becoming a Strategic Leader.

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

“I’d like to see you be more strategic”.   Have you received this feedback?  Many of you right now are in your performance review cycle and as you contemplate how to get to the next level, you may have gotten this very feedback.  It is especially common when you are looking to grow from being a […]

United we LEAD

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At a time when our country seems more divided than ever, I’d like to send a reminder that we can be our very best only when we have empathy for those around us, when we can respectfully agree to disagree and when we come together for the shared purpose of creating a better life for us all.   It is in our differences and […]

Welcome to the Next Level

Pooja Dang - Women's Executive Coach

Happy 2020!  I hope you and yours had an amazing holiday season and are geared up for a fantastic new decade! I’m kicking off this year with a new mission and purpose for my work (and a relaunched website) and I’m super excited to tell you about it. I’ve worked with hundreds of phenomenal clients over […]

5 Ways Female Executives Battle Imposter Syndrome

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

You’ve made it. As a successful female leader, you’ve worked hard to get where you are, pushing yourself every step of the way to be the best you can be. And now that you’re finally in a position of power, you’re probably feeling more confident and self-assured than ever. At least, you think you should.