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You Are Here to Take Up Space

She was the only woman in a room full of males. A bit intimidated and sheepish. Trying to fly under the radar. Didn’t want to make noise. She stood in the corner despite being head of operations,  despite wanting to run these meetings someday! Until she hired me as her executive coach. Immediately, we got […]

Do You Run From Success?

From the moment I started coaching her, she wanted to be in the C-suite.  That was her goal. Recently, she got the chance. She was offered COO! Her initial reaction? To find all the reasons she wasn’t ready, why the move would let her team down and how it ultimately wouldn’t pan out. She’d worked […]

The Scariest Fear You Should Have

There’s a lot of fear and hesitancy that can come with big changes, risks and dreams.   The reality is, if we try for something, we might not get it. We might not get the job. We might not get the promotion. We might not meet our goal. We might not earn the bigger salary. […]

What’s Keeping you Small

Whenever I hear a client of mine say “My work should speak for itself” as an objection to publicly showcasing, displaying, or bringing attention to their work, I know it’s time to gently serve up some truth. And it’s tricky to do because they say it with such confidence. But I know it’s false confidence. […]

Since When did Little Dreams Change the World?

The other day, a female business owner said to me, “I don’t need to be crazy rich, just comfortable enough.”  I almost blew a gasket.  Why not rich?  Why not filthy fucking rich? And, hey, it’s her thing if she just wants to make however much, but I could hear the resignation in her voice. […]