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The simple switch that changes everything

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

I can tell if I’m spending time or passing time by the state of my life. When I’m spending time, I’m intentional and organized. I’ve taken stock of the resource that time is, so I’m particular about what and who gets it. My perception switches to its limitations – that I don’t have a lot […]

What Executive Presence Really Means.

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

Recently, I pressed the manager of a client of mine as to why she wasn’t advancing into the C-Suite. She’s qualified.  She’s a hard worker.  She’s been with the company for a long time.What gives? When I pushed for an answer, executive presence was mentioned.  When I pushed for specifics, it came down to appearance. […]

The Top 3 Questions You Need an Answer to. TODAY

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

In a recent podcast, Scott Galloway pointed out something so powerful that so many of us seem to miss. He said the top three things you should be clear on when you’re interviewing are these: 1.What is your unique value proposition? What makes you stand out? 2. Why is that important for the company? Why should […]