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  Here’s a post from one of my favorite authors, Seth Godin.   We know what you want to accomplish. We know how you’d like everything to turn out. The real question is, “what are you willing to push through the dip for?” What are you willing to stand up for, bleed for, commit to and generally be unreasonable about? Because that’s what’s going to actually get done....

It’s time for a new American dream. Be your own boss. Create something big. Serve people. Live an independent life. Do it all on your terms and according to your values. I heard these words of wisdom along with inspiring stories of people who are making it as solopreneurs. Chris Guillebeau has done it again. He’s created a fantastic community of people who are changing the world by changing the way they work. His...

The PBWC conference was held in San Francisco’s gorgeous Moscone center. I had the opportunity (with 4000 other women) to hear from some fantastic women! Here is a summary of some the best advice I heard: Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook spoke about her latest book ‘Lean in’ She captivated the audience right away by asking the question “Are you going to be CEO?” According to her, there are 3 key reasons why women don’t aspire to be CEO: Not sure that...