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Are You Delegating Your Destiny?

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

Waiting for someone else to script your career success? If you’re nodding, it’s high time for a wake-up call. You need to be the architect of your own career, not a spectator. Many individuals mistakenly believe that their manager, HR department, or even their organization is diligently plotting the course of their careers. Let’s get […]

The Power of Self-Advocacy: A Crucial Tool for Women Leaders

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

Self-advocacy is more than just a buzzword; it’s a vital skill, especially for women leaders aspiring to reach the next level in their careers. Often, women find themselves overlooked or undervalued in leadership positions, not due to lack of ability or ambition, but because they hesitate to assert their worth. Self-advocacy is the key to […]

Elevating Your Leadership Game: From Doer to Impact-Maker.

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

So, you’ve stepped into the realm of leadership, and boy, things have shifted. The game is no longer just about you and the tasks you tackle. It’s a whole new dimension, a dance of influence, and it’s all about the ripples you create – on your teams, on stakeholders, and across the organization. Gone are […]

Cracking the Code: How to Score that Promotion You Deserve.

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

Have you been eyeing that corner office or a leadership role, and you’re wondering, “How do I get promoted?” I hear this question a lot from my clients, and let me tell you, it’s about more than just waiting around for your boss to notice you’re fantastic. (Spoiler alert: you ARE fantastic, but we’ll dive […]

She spent $500 on a coaching call and made $50,000 more.

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

One of the very first things I noticed on my call with Sara was how she repeated a phrase I hear all the time. “I could be making way more money, but it’s not about the money.” Not giving ourselves permission to want more is often what holds us back from getting more, especially when […]

Why You Keep Talking About Strategy But Never Do It

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

Do you want to know why staying in the weeds, the to-list and the email inbox is so easy? We say we hate it.  We wish we didn’t have to do it. We would outsource it if we could. But we don’t because it helps us avoid the deeper shit and the bigger picture we keep […]

The Cost of Urgency

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

As a leader, you’re playing the long game. At all times. But in our whiplash work culture constantly craving immediate ROI, it can be tough to stay the course or let things play out when the finish line is where everyone wants you to get to yesterday. Patience is mandatory. Without it, you’re sunk and […]

Make The Ask

Pooja Dang Leadership Articles

Ask for everything you want.

Instead of waiting.
Instead of sitting back.
Instead of holding your breath.