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Get everything you want.

Ask for everything you want. Instead of waiting.Instead of sitting back.Instead of holding your breath. ASK. If that makes you uncomfortable, it could be because you’re believing the lie that there’s certain kinds of women who ask – the bold, assertive, ballsy kind. I thought that too, until it started costing me what I wanted. […]

Are you Bossy?

Women in the workplace (especially as they move up the ranks) commonly face what’s known as the double-bind.  If we are assertive and take charge, we are viewed as competent but often not liked.  If we gravitate toward being more nurturing and communicative, we’re liked but viewed as less competent.   WTF? Apparently no one got […]

How to handle Feedback

Nobody likes being told that they messed up. Or that they could have done better. Or that they missed the mark. Getting that kind of feedback sucks. High performing leaders – women especially – tend to have a complicated relationship with feedback. Maybe that’s because we’re hard enough on ourselves already and don’t feel equipped […]

Your roadmap to becoming a Strategic Leader.

“I’d like to see you be more strategic”.   Have you received this feedback?  Many of you right now are in your performance review cycle and as you contemplate how to get to the next level, you may have gotten this very feedback.  It is especially common when you are looking to grow from being a […]

Make this your 2021 Resolution

As we start another new year, I find myself wanting to take a step back from the usual goals I work with leaders on – getting promoted, expanding their influence, maximizing impact and shifting the focus on the approach and mindset as opposed to specific tactics.   2020 was one heck of a year and we’re […]

Lessons from 2020

We spent much of this year in a reactive state.  The coronavirus, wildfires, politics, the economy and even a new way of working are all things we’ve had to adapt to.  The only constant has been constant change.  Now, ten months into the pandemic, it’s no longer just the frontline workers that are exhausted and […]

United we LEAD

At a time when our country seems more divided than ever, I’d like to send a reminder that we can be our very best only when we have empathy for those around us, when we can respectfully agree to disagree and when we come together for the shared purpose of creating a better life for us all.   It is in our differences and […]

5 ways to overcome Imposter Syndrome

You’ve made it. As a successful female leader, you’ve worked hard to get where you are, pushing yourself every step of the way to be the best you can be. And now that you’re finally in a position of power, you’re probably feeling more confident and self-assured than ever. At least, you think you should. […]

Why being vulnerable is not always a good idea.

Over the past few years, the idea of vulnerability has been gaining a lot of traction and has become a hot topic.  In our current pandemic environment, this desire to be oneself, to be vulnerable, tell your truth – at work and outside work has escalated even further. My perspective?  It may not be a good […]

Covid’s Impact on Women’s Careers.

Last week I got off the phone with a client who let me know that she had been laid off due to a slowdown at her company as a result of the pandemic. Surprising? Not really.  Still, it was disappointing. Then she told me that a total of four people were let go in her […]