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The Worst Leadership Advice

“Put your head down and just do the work!” is the worst advice. Here’s why. Hard skills aren’t everything. The people who are accelerating, growing, and succeeding? They’re masters of soft skills. They’re able to influence others, sell their ideas and inspire action They’re agents of change, not solely plugging away at their desks, but […]

Say Hello to Conflict

If your meetings all sound the same, feel the same, and result in more of the same,  you might be taking the path of least resistance. The easy path. To which I say, it’s high time you invited conflict into the room. Not aggressive, abrasive, for-the-sake-of-it conflict, but the kind that stretches the room out […]

How to Negotiate your Offer

Do not negotiate the terms of a job offer until you’ve read this. This is Negotiating 101, a step-by-step guide I encourage clients through. 1. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Come into negotiations knowing where your current salary ranks in the industry range. And don’t just rely on the internet for your research.  Tap your network within […]

Feeling tired at the top? You’re not alone.

It’s hard to make an impact. It’s hard to climb the mountain. It’s hard to get the top job. It’s hard to lead people. It’s hard to cast vision. But hard is what you signed up for if your job is to do any of those things. When you decided to take up a calling […]

Rise Up: How Women in Leadership Are Changing the Game

Let’s face it – women are amazing leaders. We’re empathetic, intuitive, and able to balance multiple priorities with ease. We have what it takes to be movers and shakers, rule-breakers and industry-changers. We’re capable of creating and running empires, brands, and organizations that are collaborative and equitable environments that set everyone up to thrive. But […]

Are You Measuring True Progress?

“This will all be for nothing!” It came out of her mouth – loud and clear. She was in those incredibly steep start-up years and felt like if things didn’t work out, she’d have to go back and get a project manager job. She’d be going backwards. Starting from scratch. Another client has been interviewing for […]