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Coaching or Therapy?
You’re feeling frustrated and tired of trying to do it all.
Sometimes it really gets you down. It’s time to get some
professional help. So what do you need?
A coach? Or a therapist?

Coaching vs. Therapy

Let’s see if the table below makes things a little clearer.

  • Coaching
  • $ 100 /Monthly
    • – The focus is on your PRESENT and the FUTURE you want to create.
    • – You want to get more out of your life and create new possibilities for your future.
    • – The coach is a PARTNER to support your growth and work to create an even better life than you have now.
  • Therapy
  • $ 100 /Monthly
    • – The focus is generally on your PAST.
    • – Assumes you have been through past trauma and that healing needs to occur.
    • – You’re looking to be treated.
    • – The therapist is the expert and holds the answers to correct and fix your problems.

Still Confused?

If you are fed up with the status quo and want to get more out of your life and want a partner (aka professional ally) to guide you through your roadblocks and hold you accountable, then coaching is the way to go.

If you have a pain point but feel like it’s hopeless and aren’t ready to take any action, then it’s more likely that you will benefit from seeing a therapist.

Still unclear? I got you covered! Your initial (and free!) consultation is designed to assess whether you are a great candidate for coaching. If it becomes clear that coaching is not what you need (I’m VERY GOOD at seeing the signs!) and you would be better served seeing a therapist, I have a list of recommendations and referrals for you so you can get the help YOU need.

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