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How are you ‘packaging’ yourself?

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Today I received my package of wool runners from Allbirds and the packaging just blew me away.  As a company, you know you’re doing it right when you can get a customer to get super excited about your shoes because of the packaging.  It just emphasizes how important first impressions (even though external) can be.

Now don’t get me wrong, if the shoes suck…no amount of style in the packaging can make up for it.  But given the shoes are amazing (seriously, they may just be the most comfortable pair of sneakers I have ever worn…and I know sneakers!), the packaging goes a long way in building brand loyalty and getting me excited about the company as a whole.  I now feel even more cool since I own a pair of Allbirds.

So why is this important to you as an individual? Because first impressions count.  How do you show up in life? Do you show up to work looking like you’re a professional ready to get into it or do you look like you just got out of bed?  Is your LinkedIn profile picture a cropped version of a picture of you at a bar or did you make the effort to get a professional headshot?

Yes, it’s extremely important that you have substance.  That you are skilled, intelligent and have the experience to get the job done.  But do you look the part? 

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