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How Long? As Long as it Takes

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We’ve all heard of it. 

We could all explain what it is.

We all know we can’t be successful without it.

So, why is it so fucking hard to be consistent?

From my perspective, impatience is our downfall.

We’re ready with the effort, but when we don’t see it paying off fast enough, we assume it’s the wrong course of action and flip over to something else or give it up altogether. 

We grow weary when it takes too much time, and instead of sticking with it and letting effort accumulate, we let our discouragement dictate whether it’s worth it to keep going. It has nothing to do with the actual discipline, regime, or action – it will deliver with time – but everything to do with us.

It’s the single differentiating factor between my coaching clients that excel exponentially and the ones that spin their wheels and stay stuck.

The successful ones show up consistently.

They are tired of the excuses, the status quo, the vision of a future they’re not walking into and they pull on their desire for deep and meaningful change to move them forward. It’s what they go to when they don’t feel like doing the work, when it’s too early for that run, when tomorrow is a better day to meditate.

They know their effort will aggregate, but only if they stay.

If they stay with their commitment.

If they stick to the steps.

If they keep showing up.

As they do, they find their mind continues to open, ideas start to expand and possibilities introduce themselves. 

They begin to notice the slow rewards of consistency that only come with time.

They know success doesn’t show up unless they do, so they get there first.

They show up before the teacher arrives, ready and waiting. 

Willing to receive, 

knowing they’re the only ones who truly do.


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