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How to be Productive AND Happy

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Last week, you learnt how to create the most effective to-do list ever. If you missed it, you can read the post again here.

Since life isn’t just about productivity, I want to take your to-do list a step further. What if I showed you how you can be productive AND happy with everything you’re doing?

Take this scenario: You frequently find that you do not feel like doing the items on your to-do list. What’s the solution? You suck it up and do it anyway. Or, you keep procrastinating until the item goes from being important to being urgent (nothing like running out of underwear to make you do your laundry!) and you do it after a whole lot of unnecessary stress and resentment.

Here’s a better solution:

Take a step back and look at your list. For each task ask yourself:

Does it fall under my big 5 goals or priorities in life?

If the answer is “No”, and there are no consequences to not doing it, then delete it.
If the answer is “Yes”, ask yourself

Am I the ONLY one that can do the task?

If the answer is “No”, delegate it or outsource it.
If the answer is “Yes”, keep it.

The key here to make sure the items on your list boil down to things that either:

  1. You enjoy doing
  2. Help achieve your top 5 goals AND are only things you can do.

For the tasks on your list, if you do not enjoy them, and they are not a priority – delete them. 
If you do not enjoy them, and they are a priority – delegate (hire the cleaners, the cook etc. )

Vetting your daily to-dos for enjoyment and necessity is how you can improve the quality of your day and therefore your LIFE.

Want a handy chart that will help identify if your tasks make the cut? Get yours get yours here.

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