Are you Bossy?

Women in the workplace (especially as they move up the ranks) commonly face what’s known as the double-bind.  If we are assertive and take charge,

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Lessons from 2020

We spent much of this year in a reactive state.  The coronavirus, wildfires, politics, the economy and even a new way of working are all

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United we LEAD

At a time when our country seems more divided than ever, I’d like to send a reminder that we can be our very best only when we have empathy

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No U-turns

Going stir-crazy with being at home? Not in the mood to get into the ‘new normal’? Can’t wait to get back to the perfectly fine

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Becoming AntiFRAGILE

Crises bring chaos. But they also bring opportunity. Effective leaders find a way to steer their teams through turmoil, seize the moment, and emerge on the other

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Last week, you took stock of your situation. You identified your feelings. You reflected on your opportunities. You wrote a mantra for yourself. This week,

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