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Time for a Checkup?

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Are you stuck? Do you feel like you are way too busy but still feel like you’re not really getting anything done? Do you ever ask yourself:

Where am I heading?

Why is this so hard?

Why am I even doing this?

Do I have good news for you! The perfect solution to your problem.

Say hello to The Life Checkup – the ‘physical for your life’. A simple but highly effective program designed to get you unstuck and help you figure out exactly what’s missing.

The best part?

It’s FAST. No package to sign up for over weeks or months.

ONE assessment. ONE amazing coaching session.
ONE fantastic plan to move forward!

It’s EASY.

Designed to capture everything that’s important…without any unnecessary fluff.
An online assessment.
At your convenience
In your PJ’s if you want.

The coaching session?
Over the phone or Skype – You can keep your slippers on.


Work with a highly experienced coach (ME!!)
No BS.
Just what’s important.
Fully comprehensive.
Identify the most impactful area of change.
Get a concrete plan of action to move you from where you are to where you want to go.

It’s FUN!

Because really….what’s the point otherwise?

It’s on SALE!!

Take advantage of the summer introductory price of $249! That’s a savings of $100!!

But wait…there’s more (okay I can’t believe I just said that….I couldn’t resist!)

Sign up in July and get 50% off of a follow up coaching session. That’s an additional $100 value. Why is that cool? Well once we’ve made a fabulous plan for you to move forward, having a follow up session in 1-3 months will give you the accountability and deadline to really make a change. Work through challenges you are currently facing or even better – use the session to handle the next phase of your transformation!

Wanna know more? Go to Let’s DO THIS!

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