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Live in A-B-U-N-D-A-N-C-E

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Every now and then, you hear a story that gets you thinking.

What if instead of living in a state of scarcity, we could live in a state of abundance?

My mother-in-law (okay I’m not married but for all practical purposes, she’s my mom-in-law), told me a story about her water aerobics class. Turns out that her class has become pretty popular and the space in the pool fills up quickly. This leads to people getting very territorial about their position in the pool and not hesitating to shove their way to be in their ‘usual spot’ if they show up late.

Why does this happen? Seemingly nice people who under other circumstances would be utterly sweet and friendly become combative?

It’s the sense of scarcity.

Somehow, the limitation of space in the pool makes their inner competitor emerge and then it’s ‘you vs. me’ where I’ll be damned if I let YOU win.

How often do you let the feeling of scarcity control how you behave?

We live in a culture where we are reminded that there can only be one winner. In order for me to have, you must lose. But the truth is, for MOST things, there is PLENTY for everyone. I can win AND you can win. And in circumstances where we both win, a better idea, product, or situation is created.
What’s needed isn’t more aggression. It’s the addition of another class so everybody can participate.

And for those of you that feel entitled to your spot, consider taking actions in accordance with your priorities and values. If it’s important to be in the front of the pool, show up early and EARN your spot.

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