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Make Delegation Your Super Power

Here is THE MOST important way you can be more strategic:

Let go, delegate tasks and give your team ownership so both you and your team can show up and step up. This is where you’ll get the required time to make strategic moves.

Being in the weeds and putting out flames like emergency firefighters and full-time babysitters isn’t our job. We’re leaders, so we have to graduate out of short-term thinking and start functioning beyond that, even when we get commended and praised for that success. We need to take the intentional time out now so we can gradually see around corners and be effective not only at executing a vision but also be effective at crafting one.

Yes, most of us are in a state of time famine, but if we don’t push aside something else in order to prioritize this, we will continue to prevent ourselves from getting to the next level.

Let me help you make the time. I’ll hold you accountable and keep your focus on the why behind your work. Let’s chat.


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