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Never Work Again!

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Life is good Keyboard key. FingerAccording to Gallup’s most recent State of the American Workplace report, an astonishing 70% of individuals do not like the work that they do. That is crazy!

I love my job. No seriously. I absolutely LOVE my job. I get to interact with smart, fun and amazing individuals and help them discover their true potential and create the life of their dreams.

This has not always been the case for me. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that I was in that 70% bucket.

“Find a way to make a living doing something that you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

As a coach working with clients to help them create their ideal, I always say:

Feeling meh about your life is not the problem. Not doing something to change that feeling is.

Experiencing how drastically my life has changed – the sense of ALIVENESS, the joy of my everyday interactions, the absence of ‘monday blues’ continues to affirm just how important it was to make the change.

I just got back from coaching a phenomenal client. I was reminded again just how lucky I am to do work that feels like anything but.

Another benefit? When you are engaged in your work and feeling challenged, motivated and excited by it – you kick ass! Create this ideal environment and there is no other way to be but your best self.

How do you feel about your work? Is it bringing you up or bringing you down?

I think it’s time.

Do something about it.

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