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Please don’t act like a man

Let’s talk about bad leadership advice: Act more like a man.

This is terrible advice.

You may be one of the only women at the table, but I am here to tell you that trying to act more like the men in the room won’t get you further.

In fact, you’re going to suck at it. You can only be you. It’s who you are best at being. So show up as yourself.

Being a good leader is not about being a man or woman, but rather, about displaying and demonstrating the traits of a successful leader. And actually, women tend to have more of these traits! We are more empathetic, show more compassion, have the willingness to be collaborative, and we tend to care more about developing others than about personal gain.

Lean into that. Lean into the key strengths you have that make you a more effective leader. Stop worrying about the men in the room and lean into what makes you the best leader in the room.

So, what would you say are your top leadership traits? Drop them in the comments or send me a message to continue the conversation.


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