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The Future is Now

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Everybody loves to live in the future. 

It’s where we imagine our ideal selves doing, being, and enjoying all the things our current selves are working towards. It’s where we get to put all of our hopes and dreams and expensive wish-list stuff that helps distract us from the often arduous and tough daily life we can find ourselves in.


Current you needs you to focus on your current role because that’s the step you’re actually building to get to the actual future.

Basically, stay present. 

Stay here.

Where you are.

With what you’re doing.


Growth fixation is nothing without actually doing the work to build sturdy steps. 

Don’t get so bogged down with wanting to get to the next level that you remove the focus and energy from doing your job at THIS level. Leaders get to where they are because they demonstrate value, innovation and initiative every step of the way. They kick ass regardless of where they are.

Do your job and let the future come when you’ve earned it.


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