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Want better relationships? Do this ONE thing

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Think about the relationships in your life. Are any difficult? Do you wish some were better?

Most all of my clients come to me with their wants. “I want a better relationship with my boss/spouse/business partner. I want more clients. I want to be promoted.” There are a number of strategies and techniques that I use to help them out. The most effective one however is the simplest.

Make it your goal to SERVE. Then see what unfolds.


Instead of fighting for what you need, focus on the person right in front of you. Think about how you can improve your relationship simply by serving. A relationship based on generosity is more often more fruitful than one solely based on your capacity to take. If the other person is worth having a relationship with, they’ll return the favor.

Note that to serve does NOT mean to give in. Neither does it mean, to give all the time. But when you come from a place of service, you give the relationship a refreshing boost. Both parties benefit.

Have a difficult manager? What if in your every interaction – your goal is to make him look good. To serve him. How likely will it be that your working relationship will improve? How likely will it be that you will stand out from your peers?

What about your relationship with your family? or your client? What if instead of YOUR needs and wants, you make it all about THEM. Give them an experience like no other. Watch your relationship improve. And your troubles of filling up your client schedule would be history.

Want to grow your business? Get promoted? Be liked by your peers? Improve your relationship with your spouse?

I challenge you. For this next week. Make it about them. Not you.

Be of service. In the best way possible. See what happens to them. See what happens to you.

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