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The pursuit of PASSION

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Tedx pursuit of passion

Have I got your attention?

I’ve been on the hunt for awesome events to attend as part of my growth as a life coach. A few weeks ago, I came upon this TEDx event titled ‘The pursuit of Passion’. As you can imagine, my immediate response was ‘sign me up!’ I am a huge fan of TED talks and TEDx events (local self-organized events to create a TED like experience) are an excellent way to experience some fabulous speakers in person. This event was at Golden Gate Park at the amazing De Young museum.

As described in the brochure, the event focuses on the fire that drives people to pursue their passion. It’s about the resolve that one finds within oneself to follow their heart and intuition even when faced with challenges, rejection, and lack of support or outright failure. It’s about identifying and connecting with your true passion in a sustainable and meaningful way.

One week to the day and I still get goose bumps thinking of it. There were 11 phenomenal speakers, each very different in their passions (Jeremy Mayer of Oakland, California creates full scale human figures from typewriter parts!) but yet all connected in their desire to pursue their passion despite the odds.

Take Kevin Jagger, a former investment banker, who after watching the 2010 Winter Olympic games decided to take a break and get into an Olympic sport. Never having tried the sport, Kevin chose to pursue long track speed skating (literally by a process of elimination on the Wikipedia page!).

Almost three years later, Kevin is now competing on the Canada Cup circuit with hopes to represent Canada at the Olympics someday.

Great advice from Kevin:

“Don’t count the days. Make the days count.”

Larry Jacobson grew up sailing, kayaking and swimming along the beaches of the Pacific. After 20 years in sales and marketing, Larry left it all behind to pursue his lifelong dream of circumnavigating the globe on a sailboat (Julia). 6 years later, he arrived back home having achieved it.

Larry spoke about how fear is natures’ way of making you focus on the task at hand. He recommends you:

  • Recognize the fear
  • Accept the fear and EMBRACE it. Know what it’s doing for you – making you sharper, more alert, more focused.

When you embrace the fear, you DISABLE it.

Stephanie Snyder was one of my personal favorites. Based in San Francisco, Stephanie has been inspiring students through yoga for over a decade. She came across as almost ‘sage like’ in her advice. Here are some of my favorites:

What we hide from the world, owns us.

Just on the other side of shame is realizing our potential. Our passion is always in pursuit of us. All we need to do is Stop. Pause. Meditate. Then we know what we are called to do.

We are only inviting part of the team to the game and wondering why we are losing – bring your WHOLE truth.

Look into your broken places. You’ll find the gateways to awakening – to realizing your true potential.

Scott Dinsmore is founder of Live Your Legend – a revolution of people doing the work they love. If you’re in a turning point in your life where you are not driven or motivated by your work – do yourself a favor and go listen to Scott. I promise you, you will be inspired to make big changes in your life.

According to most recent studies, an astounding 80% of people don’t enjoy their work! This is nuts!! Just think of the environment around you – your family, friends, peers…how would it change if they all did what they LOVED?

Scott outlined three steps to get you to your dream job

  • Become a self-expert. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you won’t know where to go. Look into your unique strengths – what do people thank you for? What is the hierarchy for making decisions – your VALUES? Find out what your soul is made of. Pay attention to your experiences. What went well? What didn’t? Over time you will have this repository of things that will define what success means to you.
  • Do the impossible. Everything was impossible until someone did it. What are the milestones that you can go for? What’s impossible can now be the new normal.
  • Surround yourself with passionate people. As Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with”. If you’re looking to start a business, spend time with other entrepreneurs, learn from them. Spend time with people who you respect and who elevate you.

As Scott ended his presentation, he challenged the audience with this powerful question:

“What is the work that you can’t NOT do?”

It was truly an inspirational day not only because of the great speakers but the energy of an audience, all present to awaken their own passions.

I’d like to sum up the day with a quote from Nelson Mandela

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one we are capable of living”

So lets go out there and get some!

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