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The Scariest Fear You Should Have

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There’s a lot of fear and hesitancy that can come with big changes, risks and dreams.


The reality is, if we try for something, we might not get it.

We might not get the job.

We might not get the promotion.

We might not meet our goal.

We might not earn the bigger salary.

We might not get the client.


But if we don’t try, the bigger risk is so much more fatal.

Our story stays the same.


If we don’t go for it, the odds are nil of getting it.

We have zero chance. No shot.

And maybe where you’re at isn’t that awful and is actually pretty great.

Nice job, nice coffee, nice co-workers, nice commute, nice money.


But you know what’s internally nudging at you.

You know what your big dream is.

You know what you’re made for.


You know you don’t want to be sitting where you are a year from now having the same conversations 

about the same stuff 

in the same place 

making the same money 

doing the same work. 


So what do you do?

You’re going to have to risk failure, maybe look like a beginner, feel a bit ridiculous, take some long shots, dream outside of your comfort zone and then create an action list to get you where you actually want to be in a year.


You’re going to have to do something different today to be somewhere different tomorrow.


It’s that simple.

Living the same year over year is easy. 

It’s cruise control, and it’s why so many people do it.


But you know where you want to be.

Don’t wait ‘til next year to get there.


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