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The simple switch that changes everything

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I can tell if I’m spending time or passing time by the state of my life.

When I’m spending time, I’m intentional and organized. I’ve taken stock of the resource that time is, so I’m particular about what and who gets it. My perception switches to its limitations – that I don’t have a lot of it – so I’m mindful of how I use it. Knowing I’m spending time trims the fat, holds boundaries and keeps me accountable.

When I’m passing time, the opposite seems to be true. The energy is entirely different. My life feels like a leaky boat led by wandering rowing. I find I pick up the remote faster, the phone more, and I click and scroll myself into bedtime. I bury myself to avoid myself – my insecurities, fears, failures. It’s distraction at its best. I know I’m running, but I can’t seem to stop.

Does this sound familiar?

I’m curious if your experience mirrors mine. If, in the chaos and calendars of life, you find yourself passing time more than spending it, and if the distinction might change how you use it.

If you find yourself passing time more often than not, stop at the end of the work day and ask yourself a few questions so you can break the pattern and step out of the spin cycle. 

  • Where did I spend my time and energy today?
  • Did I prioritize and make time for what I wanted and needed? If not, what got in the way?
  • How do I want tomorrow to be similar and how do I need it to be different?


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