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United we LEAD

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At a time when our country seems more divided than ever, I’d like to send a reminder that we can be our very best only when we have empathy for those around us, when we can respectfully agree to disagree and when we come together for the shared purpose of creating a better life for us all.   It is in our differences and diversity that we can draw our greatest strengths.  

This is not unlike our working world.  The most successful teams and organizations embrace diversity and are made up of individuals with different backgrounds, opinions and experiences.  For them, being “great” isn’t just about winning or losing, it’s about harmonizing a variety of perspectives and opinions to achieve a common goal together.  As leaders, let’s step up and bring our people and our teams together to handle the upcoming challenges and obstacles by reminding ourselves of our common goals, the strength of our diversity and our capacity for civil discourse to enable better understanding and smart decisions.

No matter what happens on Tuesday (or more likely in the following weeks), let’s focus on the fact that it’s our differences that make us great and there is meaningful work ahead.

Let’s commit to working together to getting back to a better and stronger America.


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