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You have 30 seconds.


Let’s face it.  We’re crunched for time.  There are too many things screaming for our attention and it’s hard to clear the way to take in the information that we actually need and want.  Have you ever had this happen to you? You get into the elevator and then just before the door closes, the CEO/VP (person who makes you nervous and has the potential to catapult your career) walks in.  Or, you’re at a party and you get introduced to Mr/Miss Highly Respected and Influential.

This is your opportunity.  Make the connection.  But what do you say?

After saying your name and holding out your hand, follow with something that differentiates you and surprises them.  Saying “I love your work” may be valid but its not going to help them remember you.  They hear that all the time.   How about trying the following:

  • “I’m the badass that’s in charge of xyz”
  • “You sir/maam saved my life’  If I hadn’t had the opportunity to get this job…I would be driving myself over a cliff.”
  • “I’m a ping pong champion….and let me tell you how that helps me be amazing at work.”

What do you think your chances are of being remembered now?  

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