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Want to be more productive?

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Be more productiveAsk people what they most want to improve in their lives and the number 1 answer you get?

Be more productive.

It’s the key to everything. If you can be 10% faster at getting everything done, you have 10% to do something else.

But why is it so hard to be productive? There are more tools at our disposal than ever before. Shouldn’t they be making life easier?

Experience shows, that in fact the opposite is happening. People are having a harder and harder time staying on top of their ‘to do’s’.

So what do we do about it?

The key lies in making a clear distinction. Being productive is NOT the same as being efficient.

Sure, getting things done faster is a good thing…and we have several tools and gadgets designed to help us do just that. But here’s why we are still struggling. We are asking the wrong question.

Instead of asking yourself, how can I get this done faster? You should be asking, is the goal that I am chasing…the RIGHT one?

Being productive, not only involves getting more done within the same time frame. It’s about prioritizing all the ‘to do’s’ so the things that REALLY count get done first.

So if being more productive is what you’re really after…then take a step back. Re-examine your goals. Are they the right ones? Will they get you to AWESOME?

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