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What would you DARE to do if you could not fail?

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Milieu General 2This is the question that I most often ask people when I meet them for the first time.

So many of us get so caught up in our daily lives and our to-do’s that we never really take the time to step back and really think about what we would do if we were sure to succeed.

Why do I love to ask it? Because your answer tells me so much more about you than “What do you do for a living?” ever could.

Knowing your deepest desire, your dream, your wish means knowing you. How lucky I am to share in your very personal quest!

But what’s the benefit to you? Just thinking it through and saying it aloud so someone else can hear – actually helps you move in the direction of your dream. The desire becomes more real. The goal becomes achievable. The “Why?” becomes “Why not?” And therein, lies the magic.

Help homeless peopleThis is the basis of my postcard project. I’ve distributedpostcards asking the question “What would you dare to do if you knew you could not fail?” and anonymous replies have streamed in over the years. It’s an amazing thing to see handwritten declarations of daring. (View them online here or request one of your own)

Postcards come in at a usual steady pace but one day I received 20 postcard requests all from the same address. At first, I thought that there was an error or that my spam filter wasn’t working. After some investigating, it turned out to be legit and, the wonderful folks at the Milieu Center found my postcard site on a google search for happiness (yeah awesome!).

Be an ArtistThe Milieu Center is a day treatment program for adults with developmental disabilities based in Sacramento, California. In the words of their wonderful program coordinator “they have little control of their lives but I wanted them to see the amount of control they have over their own attitudes and perspectives. We brainstormed some grandiose things but when it came down to it, it was the small things they wanted – “going camping” or “learning how to drive”.

Turns out the postcard project fit right in as a first step to declaring their dreams. And that’s really the lesson.

Dreams don’t have to be huge and potentially unattainable. You don’t need to be set up perfectly in order to start reaching for your dreams. And, your dreams are just that. Yours.

Not someone elses’. Not what other people think you should do. But what YOU want. YOUR awesome.

Everybody dreams. Fill your heart by reading the 37 cards I received from the Milieu Center students and staff. Then ask yourself, what do they inspire you to dream?

Here’s to YOUR Awesome.

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