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Who elevates you?

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inspireAs some of you may know, for the past couple of months, I’ve been working on a new project called ‘The Life Checkup’. In essence, it’s a checkup for your life (much like a physical with your doc) designed to get you out of autopilot mode, identify where you are and help you reset to where you want to go.

Well about 3 weeks ago, I was done with my project – the assessment, the website, the intro video – so I sent it out to the people on my mastermind group for some feedback. For the most part, I got raving reviews.

But one person had a lot of feedback. Everything from the pictures to the layout and even the lack of red on the site!

In her words….’I want to be wowed….this didn’t do it! Where’s the Pooja I know?

The feedback was tough to take. Of course…initially, I got on the defensive…’our preferences, tastes are different’ I said to myself. After a few hours though, I had a shift in perspective.

I realized that I was so damn lucky.

Lucky to have someone who cares enough to really take the time and review the project and site.

Someone who loves me enough to know that I can do better and call me out on it.

Don’t get me wrong…the site was really good. And she told me as much. But in her opinion…it wasn’t awesome.

And frankly. She was right.

So what did I do?

I decided to go back. Take another stab at it. Pick it apart. Put more ‘me’ into it.
I raised the standards.

From ‘really good’ to ‘fucking awesome’.

3 weeks later….and it’s ready to go.

All the content has been rewritten, the video recreated, the layout modified to be clearer.

More me and yes….more RED.

Just the way it was supposed to be.

Who’s this mystery woman that elevates me? That loves me and pushes me and just fucking expects the BEST?

My gorgeous and super talented sister-in-law Shefali.

So the lesson here is this. Who do you have in your life that’s calling you out?

Who elevates you?

P.S. Want a check up on your life? Check this out:

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