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Why I Coach Women

Women are fucking amazing.

We work harder than anyone and are more about coaching others than personal gain.

Women are stronger on 4 of the 5 EQ traits.

Yet we’re 49% of the workforce and only 5% of the fortune 500 CEOs.

Last year only 2% of all the venture capital raised was allocated to women-founded businesses.

External factors aside, women also have internal factors that get in the way of achieving the extraordinary level of success we are capable of.

I’m on a mission to help women overcome their internal blocks so they can break through the ceiling and get to a position of power to impact change. Because when you remove the internal roadblocks from women, women become unstoppable.

So let’s do this, let’s partner together. Let me help you overcome your internal blocks so you can get to a position where you can create real, sustained change. Let’s go create a world that’s more equitable and fair and better to live in.

Are you ready to do this?


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